El Yaque is the most internationally known as one of the best places in the world with ideal conditions for the practice of windsurfing and kitesurfing Venezuelan beach, it attracts fans from around the world, especially Europe. It has a variety of hotels, shops and restaurants near the beach, with a wide range of facilities and sports teams.
El Yaque is considered to be one of the best places of the world for the practice of windsurfing, especially if you are a lover of the Freestyle mode.

The conditions of this spot make it suitable for all levels; from beginner up to professional. Along the beach there are numerous schools that offer you the best equipments as well as the best brands so you can enjoy your favorite sport to the maximum.

El Yaque Beach is a Freestyle champions factory, since half the champions around the world come from this spot, among them " Ricardo Campello y Gollito. "
Touring the area you can find many locations that offer transfer to Island Car under various plans, if you are in the Yaque beach and want to meet other Coche Island is a very appropriate choice. Similarly has stores ready to assist you and advise you on windsurfing equipment, kitesurfing or beach accessories, most establishments have command of several languages ​​to better service to tourists.
This new sport continues to grow by the minute, every day more and more people come to El Yaque to practice it.

On this same beach there are several professional schools, where you will be able to take classes using the best equipments of the market. The zone of the kite surfers is separated from the zone of the wind surfers for safety reasons.

This spot of almost flat waters and little depth is perfect for beginners and people who want to progress on their level. Near El Yaque, there are other places with the perfect conditions for the practice of this sport: Coche Island , Cubagua Island , or probably if you are a waves lover, La Restinga. You choose the place and we help you with the transportation.!!