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Libert Hotel - El Yaque, Isla de Margarita - Venezuela.

In Paraguachoa (and was named the island before being discovered by its aborigines) centuries ago indigenous tribes such as the Caribbean, or Guaiqueríes before the arrival of the first Europeans. Macanao, Arimacoa, Charaima and other chieftains ruled the island. The rich fishing area motivated them to establish between the mountains and the sea. The sumptuously in foods such as ornaments left to see a unique richness. Among others, the extracted water pearls and carried him so proud. They never imagined what was to represent the future to present a day, a ship with its distinctive sails to the edge of the coast. It was August 15, 1498. From this ship view of Christopher Columbus on his diary. He names the island as "La Margarita" in honor of Margaret of Austria, Princess of Castile, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella policy turn Margarita name is translated into Greek as "Pearl".
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