El Yaque is located on the south side of Margarita Island, one of the 3 that make up the Nueva Esparta state, in northeastern Venezuela, about three kilometers from the island's international airport. The trade winds constantly blow 15 to 30 knots for most of the year, and the shallow sea extends south of the beach several hundred meters. As in most of the Caribbean, water is usually between 21 ° - 27 ° C.

Playa El Yaque is one of the most popular beaches on the island of Margarita, come and meet her !.
Located north of the island, on the front line of the impressive Car Island with fine white sand and crystal clear waters, and only 30min from the center, the main shops and restaurants, the fashionable places, El Yaque is the best option to discover and to know an authentic tropical paradise, recognized as one of the best tourist destinations of the Island of Margarita.